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What is Shrimp & the Benefits? | How to Eat?

Shrimp is like a shellfish that lives in the seas.

What is Shrimp & the Benefits? | How to Eat? When you are going to cook shrimp, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to cook with or without shell. If you want to use shrimp as cold cuts in salads, boiled shrimp and appetizers, you must first boil them and then peel them.

What is Shrimp? Benefits. How to Eat?


If you make dishes such as shrimp casserole, stir-fry shrimp, stir-fried shrimp, shrimp saute, shrimp tempura, shrimp pie, and soup, you should first peel them and then boil them. Shrimp has many cooking techniques. The most common shrimp cooking technique is grilling. Another preferred method is frying in a pan using butter.

In this article, what is shrimp, how to clean it, how to eat it, is it halal? You can get instant answers to your questions, and you can access a lot of information from a single source on different subjects such as shrimp benefits, nutritional values, shrimp farming and fishing. Happy reading!

How to cook shrimp

What is Shrimp? What are the types?

  • Shrimp living in cold seas live with their own species in a crowded group.
  • The shrimp, which is an arthropod sea creature, is about 6 centimeters long.
  • Among the shrimp varieties, the most common shrimp species known worldwide is Peneus kerathurus, also known as Mediterranean shrimp, slotted shrimp and freckle shrimp. What is Shrimp & the Benefits? | How to Eat?
Fried Shrimps on White Ceramic Plate
  • It is covered with a calcium carbonate layer that protects the body from external factors.
  • Shrimp is one of the sea creatures suitable for consumption. When combined with various sauces and recipes, a delicious seafood platter emerges.
  • Many people are biased when consuming shrimp. However, the taste of shrimp is not foreign to those who consume seafood.
  • Shrimp has more than one species and each species attracts attention with its different appearance and characteristics.
  • There are countless species of shrimp found under the sea. However, some are suitable and delicious for consumption.
  • Shrimp Varieties
  • More than 2500 species of shrimp live in the seas. Among these, the shrimp species most consumed by humans are:
What is Shrimp? Benefits. How to Eat?

Types Of Shrimp

  • rainbow shrimp
  • golden shrimp
  • cardinal shrimp
  • crystal shrimp
  • Chocolate shrimp
  • black tiger shrimp
  • green shrimp
  • White pearl
  • blue pearl
  • Sakura shrimp
  • orange sacra
  • It can be listed as cherry shrimp.
Boiled Shrimps

Shrimp Prices

  • Shrimp Calories and Nutritional Information
  • Shrimp has a very rich content in terms of nutritional value.
  • A serving of shrimp weighing 100-120 grams has 112 calories.
  • 1 shrimp weighs 20 g and has 17 calories.
  • Shrimp is also very rich in protein.
  • 1 serving of shrimp contains approximately 24 grams of protein, which meets 30% of the daily protein requirement.
  • Shrimp is a source of vitamin D and B12.
  • Shrimp, which is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium and selenium, has a high cholesterol content.
Soup With Sliced Lemon and Green Leaf in White Ceramic Bowl

what is shrimp

What Are the Benefits of Shrimp?

  1. Thanks to its antioxidant vitamin and mineral content, it strengthens the body’s immune system and protects the body especially against cancer.
  2. Shrimp fish, due to its high protein content and low calorie, exhibits a satiating feature in healthy weight loss diets and facilitates weight loss.
  3. It supports healthy bone and tooth development. It helps children in development age to have a healthy bone and tooth structure.
  4. It prevents the risk of osteoporosis in adults.
  5. It strengthens brain development and is recommended for Alzheimer’s patients due to its memory-enhancing feature.
  6. With its intense carotene feature, it renews skin cells and prevents unwanted signs such as aging, wrinkles and dull appearance. What is Shrimp? Benefits,
What is Shrimp? Benefits. How to Eat?

To summarize:

  • To protect skin health and look younger
  • In order for the brain cells to always remain alive and healthy
  • To prevent osteoporosis
  • In order not to lose oral and dental health
  • You can consume shrimp to strengthen the immune system and stay away from diseases.

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Shrimp Breeding and Fishing

The shrimps, which are at the bottom of the sea during the winter months, begin to migrate towards the beaches with the arrival of spring. Shrimp season begins in April, when shrimp migrate.

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