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Health Food

  • on August 28, 2021
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Health Food


[Inert food]

Health food: Miso is a food with high nutritional value. It contains very acid and high-quality nutrients, detailed plant ingredients, qualitative facts (not chemically and separated), pictures E, B2, and B12. It is a balanced and healthy food.

In food. Foods such as food in fish, eggs, and other foods are foods, which are acidified foods in foods, medium-to-acid foods, healthy and healthy meat, or insignificant. Miso should be used for food balance.

As early as 1986, it was solemnly recommended by the late celebrity chef Fu Prime

“If you want to make a delicious dish, you can mix it with it; Wonkin Nutrition Miso is the best mix.”

For the first time, five dishes with miso as a seasoning were compiled into recipes,

The first course ﹝miso braised chicken ﹞ the second course﹝miso twice-cooked pork﹞ the third-course ﹝miso fish pan-fried﹞the fourth course ﹝miso-stir-fried pork shreds﹞.

The fifth course﹝miso casserole﹞ perceives what the company likes during the miso process Base.

Health Food

[Benefits of Miso]

Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun and on March 1, 59, Professor Ki Shuichi and other 20 kinds of miso extracted Zhao ingredients, and tested with Salmonella, whether the ingredients have variability that causes sudden cell mutation, or vice versa.

Land, whether it has the anti-mutagen ability to inhibit sudden mutation.

Published on. Therefore, preventive foods are used in daily meals, so that the stomach and stomach can achieve the activity.

Preventive foods, edible, health diseases, arteriosclerosis, radiation protection, hematopoiesis, diet health care, nerve damage, and fatigue (because of miso Nico Sodium Putin).

And miso can neutralize and alcohol content, which is of great help to smokers and people who are easily drunk.

Health Food


【Natto Sticky Silk】 contains exciting ingredients, which can assist in the absorption of beverages, magnesium, potassium, and iron isotonic liquid.

[The main ingredients of Yuandou foods] Contain human saponins, sodium, isoflavones, eggs, leaves, no oils, edible fiber, and a variety of organic substances.

It has long-term solubility, preventive health, arteriosclerosis, Stroke, light spots, abrasion, aging, aging, osteoporosis, floaters, etc., facelift, remove skin diseases, improve healthy cell performance of young women, menopausal brain, reduce disease cholesterol on the disease wall, reduce pigment concentration, inhibit.

It is very helpful in gathering, improving physical resistance, enhancing intelligence, beauty, cancer, antibacterial disinfection, and anti-oxidation.

In addition, it also has many magical effects such as anti-aging, weight loss, and anti-fatigue.

Japan has been eaten for more than a thousand years.

It is a natural preventive agent that is found to be harmful to health, and it is more suitable for longevity health food that modern people welcome.

“He Ji” is the knot of blood components, mainly composed of body and fibrin.

The formation of damage is that when the injury occurs (such as bleeding), it will reflect the recovery of fibrinogen and digestive enzymes “acutely” to inhibit the body’s production of proteolytic enzymes, thereby decomposing the body into fibers.

Therefore, with the increase of age, the influence of long-term stress and emotional nerves, with the increase of age.

The influence of long-term stress and emotional excitement will gradually accelerate, the segmentation will gradually slow down, and gradually accumulate, which is transformed into one.

This kind of insoluble pigment-protein fiber can cause inflammation and cause cardiovascular diseases (such as plants, stroke, etc.).

Health Food

Therefore, avoid stopping embolism and inhibit blood lipids. There are 50 grams of preventive [Vitality Natto Food] every morning and evening. necessary.

【Yuan natto is a well-recognized health food in the fields of complete food nutrition and medical science. It is regarded by scientists as the “Elixir” and is well-known in Japan. Natto has almost become synonymous with health.

To eat natto healthy and happy, eat a box of 50 grams of gas natto] effect [can be maintained for 4-12 hours, the time effect of blood retention is actually better than.

“Strong solubility and strong solubility” dissolving time, dissolving, and dissolving Time increases solubility and decomposition volume.

  1. Patients before and after surgery 2. Gastric bleeding 3. People who have just had a stroke 4. People who use anti-wrinkle agents.

【Brewed Vinegar】

[Vinegar brings health]

The increase in saliva and gastric juice of pure brewed vinegar can promote food, increase the nutrition in the diet, and maintain the normal state of the diet.

In spare time or when the symptoms of laziness appear, you can use pure brewed vinegar beverages to increase the taste of food, because the sour taste can promote.

The gastric juice can make the body healthy and vigorous, it can promote the absorption of nutrients, increase the natural effect of eliminating fatigue.

Yes, the body must remain weak. Purely brewed vinegar is made into beverages or dishes, and when it enters the bottom, it will become a powerful food for food, so good health is what it is.

[Efficacy of pure brewed vinegar]

【Healthy Vinegar】

Ingredients: 1 catty of pure brewed vinegar + 1 catty of fruit (lemon, apple, phoenix, plum, etc.).

The ratio of apple + half pear rock sugar is increased or decreased.

Practice: the fruit will be dried in the sun and covered with a mask (plum making beverage making fermentation tank) dynamic preparation of glass Bottle (approximately 2 bottles are pure).

The overall ratio is brewed together with vinegar and rock sugar and soaked in a cool place for about 2-3 months.

Bowl lid method (1:5 bottle) 3​​0cc pure fruit vinegar + 150cc ice water Soak in the shade for about 2-3 months, happy birthday.

It can promote achievement, eliminate the problem, make the body young, can clean the skin, and restore the lost health. “What’s good to drink.”

[Efficacy of pure brewed vinegar]

[Efficacy of pure brewed vinegar]

In 1953 and 1964, Dr. Klipbs was awarded twice
The “Theory of Vinegar” proves that pure brewed vinegar is indeed beneficial to the body and absolutely noble food. Ancient books also record that “Vinegar is the source of immortality.”

This theory of vinegar is the precious inheritance of our ancestors. The wisdom of the nation is real, and it promotes the development and promotes the blessing of the people.

Therefore, it can prevent, glorify disease, hydrogen, chocolate, manufacture, chocolate prevention, demonstration, leisure, and relieve stress.

Delete damage, improve menopausal defects, delete bad breath, and remove body odor.

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