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Benefits of Kiwi Juice with Pineapple

Kiwi juice with pineapple

Kiwi is a tropical fruit, it tastes delicious, contains many benefits, and is very popular, while pineapple is a round-shaped fruit, and it consists on the outside of blue-green scales, and on the inside, it is a strong fibrous flesh of green color, and it is considered a refreshing fruit, and it is distinguished It has a sweet and sour taste and has many benefits.

Pineapple and kiwi are used to decorate cake and ice cream, in addition to preparing salads, and delicious juice can be prepared from them. There are many benefits of kiwi and pineapple juice, which we will learn about in this article.

Benefits of Kiwi Juice with Pineapple


1 kiwi juice with pineapple
2 Benefits of kiwi juice with pineapple
3 ways to juice kiwi and pineapple
4 Nutritional values of kiwi juice with pineapple

Benefits of kiwi juice with pineapple:

  1. It is useful for dieting, and it can be used to get rid of excess weight.
  2. It contains high nutritional values, a cup of pineapple contains 132% of the vitamin C that the body needs on a daily basis, and it contains 82 calories, and one kiwi fruit contains 100% of vitamin C, and about 42 calories, and both contain It contains a large percentage of dietary fiber that gives a feeling of satiety, as fiber has a significant role in reducing the feeling of hunger for long periods of time, and gives a feeling of satiety.
  3. It provides the necessary energy for the body and reduces the feeling of lethargy and fatigue because it contains a good percentage of useful carbohydrates.
Benefits of Kiwi Juice with Pineapple

It prevents heart disease and improves heart health, as it has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels associated with overweight and obesity, as it contains fiber and potassium that lowers blood pressure.

Promotes good digestion, helps the body to increase nutrient absorption and metabolism, thus losing weight.
Increases immunity in the body, because it contains a large proportion of compounds that strengthen the body’s immunity; Such as antioxidants, vitamin C, and these compounds help the body to function properly.
Helps burn excess body fat.

How to juice kiwi and pineapple


  • A Large Pineapple.
  • Five Kiwi Fruits.
  • Grated Snow.
  • One Can of Pineapple Juice.
Benefits of Kiwi Juice with Pineapple

How to Prepare:

  1. Grab the pineapple and hollow out the inside with a knife.
  2. Peel the kiwi put it in the electric mixer, add the pineapple juice, ice, and a few pieces of pineapple, then mix the ingredients well.
  3. Pour the resulting juice into the hollowed-out pineapple, decorate with thin slices of lemon and pineapple.

Nutritional values ​​of kiwi juice with pineapple

A cup of kiwi juice with pineapple contains 200 grams of calories, 400% of the daily need for vitamin C, and 19% of useful dietary fiber.

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