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How To Make Fried Chicken Wings with Less

  • on August 25, 2021
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How To Make Fried Chicken Wings with Less

Fried Chicken Wings with Less Oil
“Every time I go shopping in a big supermarket, I can only turn around when I see the fragrant and crispy fried chicken wings to avoid the temptation to chop them up. Today, Sister Xin is sharing a low-oil version of fried chicken wings. For those who love fried food, you can try it!”

How To Make Fried Chicken Wings with Less

Ingredients list:


  • 12 of Chicken Wings
  • 3 teaspoons of flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • Bread Crumbs 80g
  • A Pinch Of Salt
  • Little Oyster Sauce
  • A Little Spicy Powde
How To Make Fried Chicken Wings with Less


  • A Pinch Of Salt
  • A Little Light Soy Sauce
  • Little Bit Of Brine
  • A Little Oyster Sauce
  • Little White Wine
  • A Little White
  • Little Ginger Juice
How To Make Fried Chicken Wings with Less

How to make fried chicken wings with less oil

1– Clean the chicken wings, put them in a seasoning bowl after dripping dry water, add all the ingredients in the marinade and stir well.

2– After stirring evenly, wrap it in a fresh-keeping box and put it in the refrigerator to taste. Sister Xin was marinated at night and fried the next day.

Kitchenware used: pan

3– Before frying, take a soup bowl, beat 2 eggs, add flour, salt, oyster sauce, and spicy powder and mix well.

4– Add the marinated chicken wings and stir. This step needs to be mixed evenly.

5– Put the prepared bread candy into the fresh-keeping bag, and then sandwich the chicken wings covered with the powdered syrup one by one, and then stir through the fresh-keeping bag, and dip the bread crumbs in the bag onto the chicken wings for later use.

Fried Chicken Wings with Less Oil

6– Put two tablespoons of corn oil in the hot pot, continue to heat the oil, and put the chicken wings covered with bread sugar into the pot. Sister Xin is greedy and convenient and chooses a baking pan. When making it, you can switch to a frying pan or a baking pan.

7– Because there is very little oil in the pot, don’t use high fire when frying, otherwise the chicken wings will not be fried until the bottom is mashed. Remember to maintain a medium-to-small fire throughout the whole process, and just turn it over and fry it a few times.

Kitchenware used: pan

8– Regardless of the low oil, the carefully fried chicken wings are not less crispy than the finished products fried in a big pot, and the meat is very tender. It is worth trying for you.

9– Pour the remaining flour paste and breadcrumbs together, then add some water and stir evenly. If the humidity is enough, don’t add water.

10– Randomly use a spoon into the pot, and lightly flatten and fry.

11– After a while, the crispy pancakes are ready.

Kitchenware used: pan


The flour paste method is suitable for less frying, because the method is close to frying, and the flour paste should be more humid so that it can be kept at a low temperature for a long time, and the meat is tender and not old. If you want to use a large pan for frying, it is suitable Use the egg liquid and dry powder method instead.
From the work of Happy Chef Heart Sister in Gourmet World.

Kitchenware used: pan

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