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A Borderless Love With Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak

  • on September 18, 2021
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A Borderless Love With Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak. When I was pacing back and forth between the “Test Kitchen” and “Mustard Kitchen” of Kitchen Story-which is where the photo was taken in this article-I was in a state of obsession with fried food.

The country of steaks. Holding all the tools needed to make the cutlet-eggs, flour, chicken breast, vegetable oil.

A large bowl of lemons, and an unusually large bowl containing more than 1 kg of Japanese breadcrumbs ——I can’t help wondering why my schnitzel hasn’t become my daily routine.

Then, when I cut the chicken breasts, flattened them, and beat them when I wrapped the chicken breasts in flour, egg liquid, and breadcrumbs, I could smell the hot vegetable oil.

At this moment, it hits. It hit me-the scent of this deep-fried pork steak will surely seep into my clothes, hair, and soul.

My current apartment has a very bad ventilation system (even a faint smell like cooking rice will be in the air for a long time), and a schnitzel seems not a good choice here.

When the cutlets in front of me became golden and crispy, it was time for them to come out of the hot oil pan.

Regardless of whether I will often cut meat in my apartment in the future, I decided to enjoy the moment.

Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak

Whether you are a fanatic who only eats meat cutlets in restaurants, longing for the “freshly baked” taste, or simply curious about cutlets,

You can explore this kind of love shared by humans all over the world together—— From hammering the steak to breading the meat, and finally putting them in a pan.

Of course, you can also provide some useful tips for homemade schnitzels together-maybe this is what I expected!

What makes schnitzel a real schnitzel

In a nutshell, schnitzel is: beating the meat, breading the meat, and deep-frying.

Breaded schnitzels come in a myriad of forms, depending on where you are from, from the crispest (I dare say) Japanese-style breaded schnitzel with curry sauce to extra-large marinated in red sauce and Parmesan cheese Fried chicken chops with shredded parmesan cheese, everything you need.

But when it comes to schnitzel, the first thing that comes to our minds is the Austrian (Vienna) veal steak or the Milanese veal steak.

Among all the breaded deep-fried dishes, Schnitzel is extremely famous.

Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak

Of the five continents, Austrian veal steak is the most well-known and popular in Africa, West Asia, Oceania, and throughout Eastern Europe-partly because of its simple but unique and irresistible taste,

But perhaps mainly because these regions have been used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Created by the history of German colonial rule.

Ranked next to Austrian veal steak is the very popular Italian Milanese veal steak, which is widely spread around the world, and it is called ” Milanesa”. But how to distinguish between the Milanese and Wiener schnitzel?

Cutlets from around the world

The love for breaded schnitzel is a kind of empathy that crosses national borders. First, I tried to distinguish the differences between different schnitzels, but then I realized that the commonality between them is even more significant.

Most countries simply call them the Schnitzel (The Schnitzel), and some places have different names, although they cannot be distinguished by name, please rest assured-no matter where you are from-the schnitzel must be similar The appearance and taste.

Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak

Here I have listed various names for cutlets so that you may be able to distinguish them.

How to make a crispy cutlet

Each cutlet is different in quality, softness, and the factors that make it crispy overall. If you like them as much as I do, it’s almost hard to find a steak that is really hard to swallow.

The method of schnitzel can turn a piece of old meat into juicy and juicy meat. Even if it is slightly mushy, less crunchy, or some cold, you would rather eat it with some specious complaints.

Having said that, there are still many useful tips and tricks to teach you to make the crispest schnitzel!

How to beat the steak and use the butterfly knife method

Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak

In the process of schnitzel, the most difficult thing to master is the butterfly knife method: cut the cutlet horizontally into two and flatten it, then beat the cutlet to make it thin.

The tools you need in this step are a sharp knife, plastic wrap (you can also use baking paper or a sealable plastic freezer bag), and a meat hammer. If you don’t have a meat hammer, you can use a heavier frying pan or rolling pin.

The key to this step is to place the meat horizontally on the cutting board, and then use the palm of the hand that you don’t have a knife to fix the position of the meat.

Then use a sharp knife to slowly cut the steak horizontally into two slices, and then spread it out like a book practice makes perfect, so if your first few attempts are not completely successful, don’t worry, too. Don’t be discouraged.

If you succeed in dividing the steak into two horizontally equal pieces, you can place a layer of plastic wrap between the two pieces of meat to prepare for the next meat knock.

The thickness of the steak you want depends on different recipes and different personal preferences, but generally speaking, even 6 mm is acceptable-remember, the thinner your steak, the more cooking time it takes short.

If you use a meat hammer, use the flat side. Don’t hit the meat steak straight up and down, but use a slight horizontal force. This will help the meat steak be uniform in thickness and flat in shape.

How to use the butterfly knife method

Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak

Bread the steak

I personally think that the most interesting part of the cutlet process is to bread the cutlet. The first step you need to do is to build a small base for your schnitzel: flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs.

I am accustomed to using a deep dish, shallow or deep baking dish, but it’s not impossible to use a large bowl-the key is to find a container with a rim, so that the flour, egg liquid, and breadcrumbs will not Splashing around during the production process. A Borderless Love With Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak.


Season the steak on both sides, dip a thin layer of flour and shake off the excess flour-the flour in this step is just to let the egg liquid wrap the steak, so you don’t need a lot of flour.

The best way to prevent the flour from flying around while shaking off the flour is to pinch one end of the steak and lift it so that it is at right angles to the plate, and then shake it gently.

You can use whatever flour you have, from all-purpose flour to rye flour.

Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak


After finishing the previous step, the meat can be discharged into the egg liquid. The eggs must be raw, and then the eggs are broken up.

There are some recipes that suggest water or milk dilute the egg liquid, but it is actually just a personal preference and not a necessary step.

4 steaks need 2 large eggs, if you need more eggs, add more. Just like to wrap the pork chops with flour.

You have to hold the pork chops vertically, wrap them with egg liquid from the other end, and then let the excess egg liquid drip.

Bread Crumbs:

Bread Crumbs:

Next are bread crumbs an important ingredient for making schnitzel. You can use dehydrated, fresh, or Japanese breadcrumbs, seasoning with dried herbs, chilies, or even some coconut.

You can also grind pretzels or corn flakes as an alternative-this step is not really difficult, it all depends on your personal preference.

No matter what you use to make the coat of fried pork steak, it is important that you compact it with the steak.

I often place the meat underneath, grab a handful of bread crumbs from the plate and sprinkle on top of the steak and press, then skim the excess bread crumbs and repeat the procedure. A Borderless Love With Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak.

Before frying, once again hold the steak vertically, shaking off the crumbs that are not tight.

Fried pork steak

The most important point of sending meat steaks into the frying pan for frying, there is no doubt that: what kind of oil to choose for frying. Liquid butter is more popular.

Other recipes suggest the use of “neutral oil”, such as rapeseed oil, grape seed oil, or coconut oil. Some people suggest lard, while others say olive oil.

These oils are actually fine and will give the cutlet some of their unique flavors, so feel free to try and find the oil that suits you best.

After the oil for frying has been decided, you may be wondering how much oil is needed? The amount of oil is related to the size of the pan you use for frying.

The cutlet only needs to be fried, which means that the cutlet does not need to float in a lot of oil when it is fried-this is wide oil frying. For frying, it is enough that the oil is about 3 mm below the bottom of the pan.

Heat the oil and raise the oil temperature to medium or medium. When the oil is hot-test it with a small number of breadcrumbs.

Fried pork steak

They should sizzle and turn brown when they come into contact with the hot oil, and you can put the steaks in.

I am accustomed to using tongs because I think this is the best way to put the steak and turn it over.

When you put one or two steaks in the pan (don’t let your pan be too crowded, it’s best to operate in batches) and the edges of the steaks are visible and golden, you can turn them over. This only takes about 3 minutes. A Borderless Love With Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak.

Questions and answers about schnitzel

When the steaks are perfectly browned on both sides, transfer them directly to the cooling rack and place a baking tray underneath, so that the excess oil dripping from the steaks can be caught, and the steaks will not become soft quickly.

You can keep them warm in a preheated oven, or enjoy them in the best way: eat them right away!

Questions and answers about schnitzel

Questions and answers about schnitzel

Can I use baking instead of frying? Of course. But are they still delicious? No, maybe not.

If you want to get a crispy cutlet by baking in the oven, here are some ways: prepare your cutlet according to the method described in the previous section (cut horizontally and flatten, beat the cutlet, coat with thin flour, and coat with egg).

Roll with breadcrumbs), then move them to the baking tray.

Spray them with a little olive oil and put them in the oven at 200°C for about 15 minutes, until they are crispy and cooked.

Are there any alternatives suitable for vegetarians and veganism? If you are a vegetarian or have friends who are vegetarian, you can also use thick vegetables, such as broccoli, cut into steak thickness, and then cook them in the same way.

Try our deep-fried kohlrabi steak and a sandwich egg box. If you are a vegan, just replace the egg liquid with plant milk. A Borderless Love With Crispy Cutlets Bread The Steak


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